Live/Work Loft : Separation of work and home.

460 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA.

Located in the SoWa Arts District in South Boston, MA, the organizing principle for a family loft and work environment is separation of work and home. The residents are a young professional couple and their five-year-old daughter. Both parents work in the loft. The husband is an industrial designer who manages a studio of three employees and the wife is a journalist. Separation of work and family activities is achieved by sliding and pivot doors separating the two main functions of the loft, providing different functions within itself. Upon entry to the library, the right is the office “public” zone featuring open work space for the industrial designers & a small ideal space for the journalist. The middle zone of the loft is an open plan (depending on the doors) with recreational and dining areas for the family of three. The residential “private” zone features the bedrooms and bathrooms and multi-functional space.