Montessori School.

75 Moulton Street, North Cambridge,MA.

The Montessori was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, one of the most important early childcare educators of the 20th century. She developed an educational method to encourage children to grow as a whole, covering all aspects of development- intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual. The Montessori Method emphasizes a respect for children as individuals and encourages them to develop their own creativity and self confidence. With these key factors, I was able to design this 2-story Montessori School. The first floor contain classrooms for ages 3-6, 6-9 (K1-2nd grade), Offices/ Administration, Music room, Library, and Cafeteria. The second floor is built up for ages 9-12 (3rd-5th grade), Exterior courtyards, play, and garden areas. With large open space for all ages, children are able to explore their individual abilities with one’s assistance throughout the school.

Montessori School